When a being truly becomes devoted to serving the Universal Spirit, surrenders to Universal Will, and develops Unselfish Love and Harmlessness, many things change within them. The changes are physical, mental, and spiritual. One of the most profound forces involved in these changes, is the Kundalini.

Kundalini comes as an activation of energy along the spine. Some people have described it as a fiery breath that roars up your spine. It has also been interpreted as a goddess, or the serpentine fire that lives at the base of the spine, and from time to time, comes to life and rises all the way to the top of the head, bring-ing enlightenment. As the Kundalini force passes through the body’s endocrine glands and their corresponding nerve centers, there is a stimulation and “awakening” of the seven centers or “chakras”, that are associated with these glands and nerve groups. This brings new awareness and activity in areas of the vibrational spectrum that were previously self-blocked from the person’s experience. And that gives a person powerful new abilities, and great responsibility.

When the Kundalini rises, it can be painful, although the state of spiritual elation tends to nullify any pain. It is usually after wards that you can have a very sore back for days. And if the body is not pure enough, and has not been prepared for this powerful evolutionary energy, it can cause a great deal of distress, and illness,as the body rushes to “catch up”, to purify itself enough, and to develop “nerve circuits” that are strong enough to handle new energies. All this can be made easier,and even brought on by, purification and attunement of the physical body, in coordination with the mind and spirit. Meditations, yoga, diet, etc., can all help make the changes brought about by the Kundalini, as smooth & easy as possible.

Before we go on about that, I must give you a stern warning. As we said earlier in the book, the abilities obtained from this should coincide with, or be the result of, self-transcendence, and active Unselfish Love. Kundalini should come naturally, as you evolve into a better, more kind and giving person. It is like a kiss that the Universal Spirit gives you when you are thinking or doing something right. It may come when you have a spiritual realization, especially during meditation. However,through doing certain exercises, such as Kundalini yoga for one, you may also activate the Kundalini, but this is FORCING it. Such exercises are good IF they are under the guidance of a True Teacher and correspond with the entity’s spiritual growth, but can be very dangerous and detrimental in other circumstances (see chapter on VIBRATION in Part One). Would you let a baby play with wires from an electrical outlet? Of course not. Yet that electrical energy can be very constructive if channeled in the proper manner by one who has PREPARED to utilize it FIRST. It’s the same with the power of the Kundalini. For this reason we only give the most powerful techniques that pertain to unlocking such power, to those who have demonstrated their harmlessness and Unselfish Love. There are books and teachers that will give such to anyone, but please, heed my warning.

There are other means of forcing the Kundalini also, including drugs and scientific devices. And there are teachers who give “Shakti” to their students to stimulate this, but as at least one teacher I know of has learned, obtaining temporary“enlightenment” by Kundalini raised by Shakti, or any other means, does nothing to make for a better person. In fact, it usually strengthens the selfish separate self,and makes for a “spiritual ego”. To use an example, let’s say there is a path that winds up the mountain of consciousness; the top of the mountain is Universal Consciousness, Oneness with the Universal Spirit. Inducing or forcing enlightenment through external means is like temporarily airlifting a person to the top of the mountain. Sure, they experience Universal Consciousness, but it’s only temporary,they have not climbed there themselves, and they do not belong there. They must come back down, and it’s quite a fall. Sometimes an experience such as that can be helpful - if it is only done one time for purposes of instilling inspiration and knowing what wondrous things await you when you finally achieve Universal Consciousness the right way. But when someone has such an experience, and then“comes back down”, there are two alternate paths a person can choose. 1) A per-son can pick themselves up and begin walking their spiritual path to the top, step by step; or 2) They can (as most do) take the attitude of “I know what it’s like now.I’ve made it. I don’t need to walk the long hard way”. Then the person usually tries to keep getting there with a “short cut”, and becomes hardened in separate self consciousness. Then they only get further and further from their true spiritual path,and from the mountain top. Don’t fool yourself, there are no short cuts.

Meditation Walk

The meditation walk is a method that synchronizes your breathing with the number of steps you take while walking. Begin walking. Step, step, step, step....Once you have set the pace (up to you), begin breathing in coordination with your walking. For instance, you could inhale during two of your steps, hold your breath for the third, exhale for the next two steps, leave your breath exhaled for the next step, then repeat immediately (inhale for two steps, etc.). Or you could inhale for four steps, hold for two, exhale for four, hold exhale for two, etc. Create a pattern that is most comfortable for you. If you wish you may even eliminate the “holding breath” part of the meditation, which would make it go something like this: Inhale(however many steps you choose), exhale (same number of steps as inhale), etc.You can use any number of steps you choose as long as the inhale and exhale number of steps are equal. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Although it is particularly beneficial to walk outdoors, you can even do this exercise walking back and forth, “pacing”, indoors in a small area. Try to do this exercise everyday at the same time.

You can do the meditation walk for as long as you wish, but it should be done for
at least five minutes.

If you are doing this properly you will find that you are more aware/conscious of your environment. This is because the meditation brings you greater integration/Oneness within yourself, and without (your environment).

Remember, if you find yourself walking in front of a moving truck or such, you aren’t doing it right. Start again after you get out of the hospital. (for those of you who are too serious minded, I should explain. That statement is meant to be humorous).

Kind for a Day

This simple little exercise also develops Unselfish Love, by directly accessing it through one of its attributes - kindness. Every morning, choose one person in your life, who you will put out an extra effort to be thoughtful of, humble with, and kind towards. All through the day, stop and consider their feelings, their needs, what it’s like to walk in their shoes. And treat them special. Maybe get them some tea, or give them a massage, or make them a special meal, or a gift from your heart. The next morning, choose a different person.

Contemplation & Visualizationof Unselfish Love

Part of this exercise involves feeling Unselfish Love for someone you don’t like.Some of the people you don’t like may deserve your feelings, they may be bad, or have done terrible things. This exercise is not intended to help you accept or “be alright with” the negative personality, lifestyle, or actions that some beings have created for themselves. Or to get you in the mental disposition to allow them back into your life. It is to get you to let go of them in an Unselfishly Loving manner, and also get you to relate to the essential being, the spiritual spark inside them, and still love& care for that. We can, and should have compassion for the spirits of those whose choices have led them into patterns of destruction and suffering. If we don’t, we are having a spiritual crisis ourselves. But we don’t want to personally accept those choices as “alright”.

To begin this visualization meditation, ask yourself the following questions -and answer them: “What is Unselfish Love?”; “What does it mean to be Unselfishly Loving?”; “Am I always Loving Unselfishly?” (and if the answer to that is no, think about the most recent situations in which you haven’t loved Unselfishly, and go onto the next question); “Why did I not Love Unselfishly in that situation?”s Once you have thought about it, let go of the thought about why you didn’t Love Unselfishly.Why? The reason why you did not Love Unselfishly is not as important as making sure you will Love Unselfishly from now on. Now, again think about the situation in which you were not Unselfishly Loving. Completely visualize it again in your mind, only this time, visualize yourself being Unselfishly Loving, and visualize theresults of that.

Finally, ask yourself “What should I be doing to express/manifest Unselfish Love all the time?”. Ask the Universal Spirit, the One, “What would you have medo?”. And do an affirmation like, “I am Unselfishly Loving”.

Start by “calling up” the feeling and concept of Unselfish Love. Do this by visualizing someone you have the most Unselfish Love for. It could be a child, parent, great friend, dog, relative, etc.. But if you have a teacher or a “personified ideal”, who Unselfishly Loves you also, that is who you should start with. Feel the Unselfish Love. Feel their Unselfish Love for you, and/or your Unselfish Love for them. While you are holding on to that feeling, think of someone you like but haven’t really felt Unselfish Love for. Feel Unselfish Love for the essence of that person - their spirit. Now think of someone you don’t like. Feel Unselfish Love for their spirit also. If they have done something hurtful, or harmful, that is in excusable to you, be sure you only extend your feeling to their essence, their spirit, their Inner Being. Then expand your love to embrace everyone and everything you can conceive of.

Counting Breath

Concentration is a prerequisite to true meditation and an invaluable aid in any-thing you do. The development of concentration is a primary purpose of the counting breath exercise, although as with all the other techniques given here, it has integrative effects on the entire being.

This breathing exercise can be done with passive or active breathing - you can either just let your body breathe normally, or take conscious control of your breathing. Do it both ways for a while, and you’ll discover which is best for you.

Sit with your spine straight. As you inhale, count to yourself silently, “one”;as you exhale, again count “one”. As you inhale again, count “two”; exhale, count“two”. Continue like this until you get to “ten”, then start the cycle over again with one. Your objective is to be able to do five sets of one through ten without your mind wandering. When you can do that, your concentration is well developed.Don’t expect to be able to do it right away, it takes time, it takes practice, but like everything else, the more you practice the better you get. Remember, when you find that you have drifted off somewhere, immediately go back to counting your breath without wasting concentration. If you will just be persevering/consistent with your exercises, you will get results, but be patient. Waiting IS!

Grand Circulation of Breath

The Grand Circulation of Breath is a multipurpose meditation. Besides creating all the usual benefits of meditation, it also stimulates and rejuvenates the whole being, and helps bring balance and health to the body. The Grand Circulation develops: Concentration; Body integration; Awareness of Universal Life Energy or Ki; Awareness of the “energy body” and its interrelation with the physical body. It also aids in transcension of the physical plane, and balances & increases the flow of Universal Life Energy through the body via main “circuits” (called meridians).And here’s an interesting side-effect: some people with colds or allergies have experienced unclogging of the nasal passages when they did the Grand Circulation.

The exercise may be done lying down, or sitting with your spine straight. If you have difficulty with falling asleep or “spacing out” (wandering thoughts), you should do it sitting up.

This meditation involves circulating energy around the governing meridians of the torso, in coordination with your breathing. You will begin by visualizing energy coming up from the base of your spine, continuing up the spine area, over the top of the head, down the middle of the face, down the front of the chest to the groin,then back up from the base of the spine. Also, as I just mentioned, you will be visualizing this energy movement in coordination with your breathing. Basically, you will inhale during the visualization of the energy rising up the back, and you will exhale during the visualization of the energy going down your front. It’s important to also develop an “overview visualization” of the “whole” circulation of this energy, seeing it as one flowing circular band, even though you are concentrating on moving the energy “one section at a time”. It is also important not to stop moving the energy as you traverse the sections - keep it flowing, moving along its path.

Begin to inhale slowly, visualizing your breath as an energy at the base of the spine. As you inhale, see your “breath energy” slowly moving up
the spine area
-passing over the small of the back; passing over the middle point of the back, passing over the area of your spine between the shoulder blades (still inhaling slowly);moving up the back of your neck; up the back of the skull to the forehead; down the center of the face to the upper lip (this completes the inhale/first part of the flow). Starting with the lower lip, you begin your exhale; continue on down a path centered along the front side of the body, passing over the chest area, the abdomen,the area in front of the spleen chakra ( a couple of inches below the navel), back to the starting point at the base of the spine. Do not pause your energy visualization when you get to the end of your exhale at the base of the spine. Continue the visualization, as you begin to inhale and repeat the same cycle just as before. Repeat for as long as you have time for. A half-hour is good.

Until you become familiar with coordinating your visualization with your breathing as we just described, you may have a little difficulty visualizing the entire flow cycle within one breath. Just stick with it, it won’t take you very long to master it. Some people experience running out of breath before the end of a visualization cycle. If you have this problem, you are inhaling/exhaling too slowly. Speed up your visualization to make it match a comfortable period of inhaling/exhaling.Just make sure that you are consciously controlling your breath, not just letting your body breathe normally.

The Sacred Breath

The Sacred Breath was the most guarded meditation secret of the Children of the Law of One. It was never taught, or written down. In fact, a teacher did not even reveal it to a student, until the student developed a basic awareness of it, and then asked about it. Nevertheless, some other traditions have picked it up overtime, via keen observation. Let me explain.

The Sacred Breath is a “staple” meditation of a true teacher. It becomes so natural, so much of a second nature, that they just do it automatically from time to time, without even thinking about it. When a teacher is doing this meditation, it doesn’t “show” very much. There is a little breathing that can be mistaken as a sigh, and a subtle shift in energy. It takes keen awareness and observation for an elder student to perceive that their teacher is doing “something”. But nevertheless,this meditation was only passed on when the student noticed “something”, and asked their teacher what they were doing. Then the student was ready to learn the Sacred Breath. But as I mentioned in part one, it is time for these things to now be revealed openly.

The Sacred Breath involves several aspects of meditation: Active, conscious breath control; The “little death” of lingering during the period after exhalation,and prior to inhalation; The taking in of Universal Life Energy through the breath into the Solar Plexus; And concentration.

Start by inhaling, then exhaling deeply and completely (like a deep sigh). Nowhere’s where it’s tricky: You want to begin inhaling, but so subtly, slowly and minutely that you can’t even tell you are inhaling - but you want to make sure you are inhaling. I guess you could say that is the paradox or Zen quality to this meditation. You don’t want to think of your subtle inhalation, as an inhalation. You want to completely visualize that you are just inhaling the prana, the Universal Life Energy, right into your solar plexus.

Now, when you start to feel that you need to take a breath, go ahead and take one - then again, exhale fully and deeply as if you were sighing. Repeat this for as long as you have time for. You can also do this throughout your day anytime you think about it, in order to bring your consciousness back to
true reality (to break the illusion of the day to day reality most people think is
more real).

Conscious Breath

One way to acquire sub-conscious control and conscious integration, is to really become aware of your breathing, without controlling it. If you allow your sub-conscious mind to control your breathing for you, but at the same time become
conscious of the breathing without trying to control it consciously, you can achieve an integration of sub-conscious and conscious aspects. This gives you a key to all sub-conscious and conscious activities. And through the passive concentration necessary to bridge these aspects, the conscious mind becomes still, quiet, free from the constant internal noise and reaction to external stimuli which prevent/block the reflection of Universal Consciousness.

Sit with your spine erect, and begin to “watch” your body breathe; just be aware of your breathing. That’s all there is to it. At first, until your concentration develops, your mind will wander all over the place. As soon as you realize that your mind has wandered, bring it right back to watching your breath, don’t waste energy reprimanding yourself for not maintaining concentration, that just gives more energy to the selfish separate self (and that’s what it wants—-to keep you from get-ting control). Frustration is the ally of the separate self.
Bringing yourself back to the object of concentration immediately upon recognizing that you’ve wandered off, applies to all concentration/meditation techniques.


The ancient teachings of Atlantis describe the breath as a bridge between the sub-conscious and conscious minds. Think about it for a moment - breathing is both a sub-conscious process (i.e., your body keeps breathing automatically whether you think about breathing or not), and a conscious process (i.e., you can take it out of“automatic” mode, and consciously control it - breathe fast, slow, deeply, shallow,hold your breath, etc.). Your other organs are mostly under sub-conscious control.For instance, an average person can’t consciously digest their food or control their heartbeat. But even these things can be consciously manipulated once you master consciously accessing the sub-conscious. Breathing is one of the methods that can be used to bridge the entire conscious/sub-conscious gap and re-integrate your being.

There are many different ways to approach this through the breath. You can control it, meditate on it, leave it alone and watch it, concentrate on it, and coordinate other mental or physical functions with it.

The breath is also our link to the etheric. We are given life, and given breath.The Universal Spirit breathes each breath into us. When we cease breathing, our body ceases to live. Breath links us to everyone else. Think of all the billions of molecules in each breath of air we breathe in and out. How many have been breathed by others? There is a chance that one of those molecules was breathed by President Clinton, Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Jesus,Benjamin Franklin, and ....

Selecting a Mantra

Select a mantra (word or words used for chanting) that you feel drawn to. “Om” and “Yod-He-Vau-He” are both excellent mantras. A mantra helps develop concentration, and can affect you in many ways through the vibration of sounding the words. It can stimulate upper chakras, stimulate your attunement to the “sound current” of the Universe and thus Universal Consciousness, and invoke the energy of all the chanting that has been done throughout time, by those who have used that same chant. But it is also important that you understand the meaning of the mantra you choose, and it is best if it represents a profound idea or ideal. We have already described the meaning of Yod-He-Vau-He in the chapter on vibration.

You may experience a great deal of phenomenon doing this exercise, i.e., seeing all kinds of faces from past lives, “auras” etc. Whatever you experience, stay focused on what you are doing, don’t allow anything to lure your attention away.You may come to experience what some call “The Dweller on the Threshold”, the hideous devil that is nothing but your selfish separate self, your fears, desires, etc.,(discussed in the chapter on the death experience). If you do, let me remind you that the Dweller is also “The Angel guarding the Gates of Eden”, and the only way you can pass, is through love, Unselfish Love. Look that beast right in the eye and love it. In this way you can transcend self and return to Paradise, Oneness with the Universal Spirit.

Mirror Exercise-Chanting

As we said elsewhere, the Children of the Law of One were the most knowledgeable in the advanced Atlantean vibrational sciences. “Modern” science has just begun to consider things like the physical health effects of electromagnetic fields from power lines, computers, TV’s, etc.. And they have only recently discovered that the body has bio-electric and energy fields, and even the brain gives off electricity in the form of brainwaves.

We have always known that people are always transmitting various energies,and always receptive to various energies.

One of the mechanisms of energy transfer, is through the eyes. The left eye is receptive to vibration, the right eye transmits. Doing the following meditation regularly will, over time, train you to be in the habit of looking into a person’s left eye (which to you will be on your right). This will allow you to instantly “plug in”to their vibration, transmit yours, and avoid being unduly affected or influenced by energy coming through their eyes into yours.

The mirror exercise develops: Concentration; Self-discipline; Your abilities to“read” higher frequency vibrations/”auras”; Your visual communication abilities;Your abilities to influence others via energies transmitted through the eyes; Your abilities to defend against others influencing you through the eyes; Awareness of previous incarnations of yourself and others; Your circumvent force (the area of vibrational influence that surrounds you like a giant aura).

This exercise should be done in a darkened room, using a candle or two in front of the mirror you’re using. The mirror need not be large; as long as you can see your eyes it’s fine, although it’s more desirable to see your entire face. The mirror should be placed one to two feet from your face.

If you can, burn a little pure (crystal, gum, or powder) incense before starting the exercise (Frankincense & Myrrh are strongly recommended if possible).

You may either sit on the floor or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you; the important thing is to keep your spine straight & erect.

To begin the exercise, look into the eye of your reflection that is on your right side (this would actually be your right eye) and start chanting a mantra. Refrain from blinking if you can, especially when you are seeing phenomenon or other faces (it can jolt you out of the altered state that is allowing you to see these things).Continue doing the exercise for at least ten minutes. A half-hour will generally yield more results.

Planetary Polarity Attunement

The purpose of this ancient Atlantean exercise is to align us with the energy field of the Earth, thus putting us in tune with the Earth and all its energies. It is said that one of the effects of this is tremendous rejuvenation, physical regeneration, and long life.

Get a compass and find the exact direction of north/south. Lie down flat on your back with your body aligned north/south, your head pointing towards the south. Relax your body. Watch your body breathe. Feel yourself dissolve into oneness with whatever you’re laying on (you are not supposed to really believe this is happening, just imagine feeling the sensations). Extend this feeling to whatever is below that until you feel you are part of, and one with, the ground, the Earth itself.Imagine the immensity of the planet Earth, and visualize it suspended in space,slowly spinning around on its axis. Feel it spinning, and your body laying there is moving with it. Feel your body moving with it. Next feel the lower part of your body, which is facing north, becoming energized (kind of like the magnetized end of a compass needle that aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field). Begin feeling your chakras becoming energized as if you were doing the color-chakra exercise, but don’t go past the heart chakra, remain with the lower chakras for now. After five minutes, reverse your position so your head is pointing north and your feet south.Follow the same procedure as just given except this time start visualizing the upper part of your body being energized; begin with the heart chakra and go up to the crown chakra. Continue for five minutes. As with the other meditations, if you can,do them for a longer period of time.

The Pineal Wave

The pineal wave is a technique that dates way back to the earliest days of the Children of the Law of One. In fact, it dates back to a time before we even had fully physical, or male/female bodies. Its purpose is to empower and cleanse our soul in the very center of the Earth. It also provides rejuvenation and attunement with the energies of the Earth.

Stand erect, feet together. Visualize your pineal gland (which is located approximately between the ears, and behind the eyes in the center of the head).This is the place of the seventh chakra, and is called the “seat of the soul”. It is the home of the “spark of life” - the spiritual part of us that gives our bodies life.Visualize your pineal as a ball of white light energy. Inhale, maintaining the visualization, then exhale sharply, shooting the ball of light down through your body,deep into the very center point of the Earth. The center of the Earth is beyond molten lava, it is like an inner Sun, it is a significant energy center. After “shooting” your “ball of light” down into the Earth, allow it a second or two to reach the Earth’s center, then begin to inhale again slowly, feeling the energy come up from the Earth, then up into your body, and back to the pineal. Repeat at least three times.

The Star Exercise

(The Star Exercise can generate tremendous amounts of Universal Life Energy, or “Chi”/”Ki”. If you choose to do this exercise, you do so at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for what may happen to you. I have done it for many years, and I have never known anyone hurt by it, but it is powerful.Like a circuit breaker that trips and shuts off the power when more energy than the circuits can handle attempts to pass, sometimes if your body is not yet strong enough to handle the energy flowing through it when you do the star exercise, it will knock you down. If it happens, don’t worry about it, you’ll get stronger. But when doing this exercise, make sure that the area around you is free from anything that could damage your body if it were to fall. Do not do this exercise if you are subject to epileptic seizures.)

The Star Exercise is much more than a yoga exercise, yet the Children also considered it to be the ultimate yoga exercise. Some feel it is the only yoga exercise a person needs to do. In any case, it is an incredibly powerful means of stimulating the Kundalini, and storing, generating, and transmitting, Universal Life Energy (this energy has many names: prana, bio-cosmic energy, ki, etc.). When you do the Star Exercise, it not only permeates your own body with energy, but it flows in and out of you, allowing you to use it to give energy to others, to heal, and to flow energy with a group of people.

Universal Life Energy is very high frequency, etheric, having some attributes that could be described as spiritual and physical, yet the energy can be affected &directed by the mind and emotions. Universal Life Energy permeates everything.It can be seen as an “aura”, or projected energy beams. It can be photographed by means of “Kirilian” electrophotography. In all your yoga exercises, and meditations, you should be conscious of, and working with, this energy. Its supply is limitless, only your separate self can inhibit it.

When you do the Star Exercise, it is best to remove shoes and socks if possible. To do the Star Exercise, stand with your feet about a yard apart,arms straight out to your side like this:
Turn your left palm up, right palm down.Begin breathing intensely, and deeply. Sometimes you may want to do this breathing rapidly, as hard as you can. Other times you may want to do it slowly, yet still deeply and intensely. The purpose of this breathing is to draw Universal Life Energy from the air into your Solar Plexus Chakra (One of the functions of the Solar Plexus Chakra is to store up a charge of this energy, kind of like a Life Energy battery). It is not so different from rubbing a balloon to make static electricity.

While you see & feel the energy entering your Solar Plexus and building there,also see & feel the energy distribute from your Solar Plexus, throughout your whole being. At the same time, visualize the energy flowing into your left hand, through you, and out of your right hand. Continue doing this. Depending on the circumstances, it may take anywhere from a few breaths, to 144, to get the desired energy effect from the Star Exercise (which is a feeling of transcension and well being,and a “rush” of energy that you can feel and sometimes see). However, you won’t experience this intense energy rush until after you finish your breathing and go onto the next step. Next, inhale, hold the breath, and while you continue the visualization, silently say to yourself this affirmation: “I am one with Universal Life Energy, it is flowing through me now, I feel it.” At this point, if you have done it correctly, you should start feeling the energy rush. Only hold your breath and enjoy the energy for as long as is comfortable to you. Exhale, continue the visualization and affirmation.

If you wish, the energy pouring out of your right hand can be given to someone or something. We also use it as a healing light. This is the same energy that’s associated with pyramid phenomenon (the word pyramid means “fire in the middle”).

Some people will tell you that the rush you get is from getting too much oxygen via hyperventilation. But ask yourself, if that is so, why doesn’t a person breathing pure oxygen get the same effect? And how does it sometimes work with as little as one breath?

As I said earlier, the Star Exercise is great to do with others. The first time I did it was in a circle with a hundred people. The amount of energy that spun around and around through us in that circle was phenomenal. It was like a whirl-wind of cosmic energy. It was the first time my “third eye” chakra opened up, and I saw the life energy that vibrates within and around all things. As you read earlier,when I told my teacher about this experience, he strongly admonished me to ignore the phenomenon.

If done with just one other person, it can be done in two ways: 1) Stand facing each other and grasp each others hands (making a mini-circle for the energy). 2) Stand side-by-side, and join just the hands that are between you, leaving one per-son’s hand open and up for receiving energy from the heavens, and the other per-son’s hand open and downward for sending the energy to the Earth.

If doing it with a group of people, form a circle with all joining hands. Besides the same visualizations you do when you are doing it alone, also visualize the energy going around the entire circle, and gaining strength as it gets a boost from each person in the circle. It has been my experience that no one should be left outside the circle when you do this, due to the tremendous power that “flies off” the circle.

When to Meditate

“Neither. When people meditate, they experience greater balance, peace, and‘centeredness’. This helps them stay out of the ‘illusions’ that hectic day to day life gets them to ‘buy into’ believing is real. But some of these effects from the meditations are temporary, and sort of ‘wear off’ as the day ‘wears on’. For this reason,the Children have found it very important that meditations be done not all at once daily, but at least broken into three times a day. Thus your meditation trainings chedule is broken up into morning, afternoon, and evening meditations, and should be done in the following order:
Morning meditations are:
Writing dream log; Dip in the cold pool [or cold shower as a modern equivalent]; Yoga; Star Exercise; Pineal Wave; Grand Circulation of Breath; Sacred Breath; Affirmations; Setting your ‘Kind for a Day’ goal.
Afternoon meditations are:
Planetary Polarity Attunement; Meditation Walk; Color Visualization/Chakra exercise; Atlantean Vibrational Mind Integration Sounds.
Evening meditations are:
Mirror exercise/chanting; Conscious Breath; Counting Breath; Contemplation of Unselfish Love; Daily activities review, reviewing dreams; Evening affirmations.

Although they are not included in the training schedule, if possible, you should allot some time each day for: Reading spiritually inspiring writings; Listening to or playing spiritually uplifting, positive music; Doing group breathing, chanting, or energy flow exercises. These activities are optional and thus were not included on your printed schedule. If you intend to do them how-ever, write them in on your printed schedule. You should also include the personal things you have received from your teacher on your schedule.

Finally, before you do each exercise, always bring your ideal to mind, visualize yourself surrounded by white light, and ask the guidance and protection of the Universal Spirit.”

Meditation is Just One of Many Tools

Back to my very early course with Raga:
“Of course, this training does not make for the great spiritual transition in itself, it is but one outgrowth of a change made through using your free will to harmonize & align with Universal Will. A more important factor in making this transition is having a true teacher. That’s because you can directly experience Unselfish Love & the Universal Spirit through an enlightened being. Through a true teacher you can clearly see yourself, expose your illusions, and through humility and Unselfish Love, transcend your selfish separate self. Meditations & exercises “tune-up” your vehicle, so to speak, allowing the Universal Spirit to use you to your maximum capacities. But Love, Humility, and Service are what will give your Inner Being the controls of this powerful vehicle you are creating.

You must be consistent in doing the exercises you will be learning, in order for them to really work. If you stick with your schedule ‘whole heartedly’, along with transcending your selfish separate self with the help of your teacher, you will change, you will grow, you will ultimately achieve enlightenment. The exercises themselves will also help you transcend your separate self by means of the self discipline it takes to do them properly & consistently, and through the transcendental effects of them. But, if you are not doing the exercises consistently, with full commitment, then you are still slave to your selfish separate self, and have not really surrendered to the flow of the One. For that reason alone the full transition would not take place. It’s all interconnected. So make God, service to God, and the attainment of Universal Consciousness the priority in your life. Use your charts without fail, and even more importantly, humbly use your teacher without fail.

You will not need to do all of these exercises for the rest of your life. But you should do them sincerely, as perfectly as possible, and without missing even one,for at least 21 weeks. Every person is different, and some meditations work far better than others, for each individual. But sometimes the separate self will fool you into thinking you don’t like a meditation, or it doesn’t work well for you, when in fact it may be the very one that would ultimately work best for you. After you have completed 21 weeks perfectly, then you will better know the best ones for you, and can discuss tailoring a special meditation group for yourself with your teacher.”
“You said they take hours. Should we do them all at the same time, or just whenever we have time?” ... see "When to Meditate"(Blog Archive).

The Atlantean Meditation Training Program

The following meditations can be arranged as a training program, which is how they have always been initially taught by the Children, and how we are presenting them for you here. In the blog archive, you will find a meditation chart checklist. It is designed to cover a month at a time. Photocopy it and use it without fail if you want to insure consistency and self-discipline. Using the chart is a vital key to not letting your separate self side-track you from being unwaveringly consistent in doing the training (which is important). If you want the meditations to be really effective, you must spend enough time doing each one. Try different lengths, and feel the differences. How long you do each meditation is up to you,and your schedule, although the full program will take you 3 to 6 hours a day to do traditionally, and most effectively. Of course, if you don’t have time, you can shorten them or cut what you wish. But first ask yourself what it’s worth to you, and examine what you are doing with the rest of your time, and what that’s worth.

We hear many people complain that they can’t possibly spend that much time doing it. They say they have jobs, and/or families, and they have to make a living and survive in the world, unlike having the “luxury” of being in a monastery like I did. So let’s look at the realities of that.

I can’t speak for all monasteries, but I don’t know of any “free ride” or “easy living” ones that just let you sit on your butt all day and meditate once in a while. In ours, I worked the equivalent of two full-time “outside world”, “real world”, “real life” type of jobs, PLUS did all the meds, yoga, group meds, courses, and spent time reading. I got very little sleep, and at that, it wasn’t daily sleep. But that’s how important to me it was. I would have done the same in the outside world. Now if it’s not as much of a priority in your life, or you really can’t make the time, that’s fine. Just be honest about it, and don’t envy others for having or making the time.But most people just don’t prioritize and realize how much they could do if they really, really want to, and what they could skip in their normal routines.

If you truly absolutely don’t have the time to do the full schedule as presented here, that’s OK. But have a constructive, positive attitude towards it, and create an alternative schedule. ANY amount of meditation is better than none. Even if it’s only one a day for five minutes - it’s better than nothing, and it is doing something. And maybe there are ways to make extra time that you haven’t thought about yet.

First and most obvious is, do you really need as much sleep as you take? Then think about other fruitless time you might be spending that might be able to go. The average person could do the entire schedule just by cutting out TV alone. If you really put your mind to it, you’ll come up with your own ideas for how to re-arrange what you spend your time on, and how to save time on what you must do. Here are a list of just a few areas you might be able to streamline or eliminate to make time for higher priorities (obviously they don’t apply to everyone): TV; Movies; Eating Out; Sports; Commuting/having someone else drive instead of you, so you could spend that time meditating. Arranging different situations to minimize commuting time. Carpooling; “Hanging out” or “shooting the breeze” chatting with people in person, on the phone, or email; Meals - can they be more simple for less cooking/cleaning time? Can someone else prepare your meals so you have more time to meditate? Could you do more “crock pot” meals of soups/rice, or make large bags of pre-made salads, etc.?; Parties; Reading books that are not helping improve your life or otherwise necessary; Shopping - like carpools, shop-ping can sometimes be shared/turns taken. Many cities even have on-line internet shopping and delivery available now;
Entertainment; Going to the bathroom - do a quick med while sitting on the pot!

Then if that isn’t enough, just customize a med schedule, and do what you can. Once you decide what you can do, and make a schedule, consistency is vital.

Introduction to the Meditations

Before I begin giving instructions for various meditations, energy techniques and techniques for growth, here is an introduction as was given to me by Raga in my first courses on the subjects.

“For most people, the Soul, or Inner Being, is but a ‘prisoner’ of the separate self, locked in the body and forced to go along for the ride. As has been said, the true you, the Inner Being, needs to make the transition from servant of the selfish separate self, to its master (if freedom, peace and harmony are to be found). The meditations and techniques you are about to learn, are tools to help you achieve this, but they will only work properly in the right hands, with the right attitude, and with the right help.”

The following meditations were created by the Atlantean Children of the Law of One before our written history, to help maintain spiritual awareness. They can also help you develop into a powerful tool for the Universal Spirit. They are presented here to help you change, to find your natural balance, to be the director of the body-mind-self, to be spiritually, mentally & physically powerful, and to fulfill your maximum potential - all for the manifestation of the Inner Being, in the service of God, under the direction of, and within the flow of, Universal Will.

As was said in part one of the book, meditations are not the magic key to enlightenment. You also need humility, Unselfish Love, and a true teacher, to shift control of your life from your selfish separate self, to your Inner Being. If you don’t have these things, meditations are not going to do nearly as much for you as they could. In fact, they can even be detrimental in the sense that they can help your selfish separate self be more successful at its pursuits. But assuming you are traveling a properly balanced spiritual path, meditations can help you, and are an important part of the path.

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